Clash of Emotions

Recently, I made my appearance in Dutch media as Layla in the commercial Lift for Stichting ADF. The organization aims to raise awareness about Angst (Anxiety), Dwang (Coercion) and Fobie (Phobia) in the society while helping people that suffer from them.

I received the offer for the main part just before our trip to Japan. During our trip, we added Onomichi to our route after a designer friend highly recommended it. The city had inspired Wim Wenders so much that he had made a photography book about his journey. I could obviously not miss it.

Onomichi was in full bloom and absolutely tremendous. Our hotel was right by the water and I enjoyed the view as much as I could while reading studies about social anxiety, Layla was a victim of.

We shared stories about our cultures and how we existed in those different societies we belonged to, with the locals at a bar, drinking amazake. As the world societies build their own unique pressures on its members, I met parts of Layla there for the first time, in all of us.
Such an exciting luxury, I thought. I was traveling through a country that I have longed experiencing and I had a close-up look on its tunes via locals.

There were lined-up projects awaiting me back home and I was high on cultural and social input. What a curious and restless soul asks for in life, was all served on tatami mats for me. 

Now I am typing these at my second home, Sweden. Autumn has officially arrived with gray clouds and in the form of a news article last week. I read the well-deserved success story of a project, I missed being a part of, because of loss of communication. 

At the moment, the clash of my emotions terrorize my balanced state and I feel like a fox looking into headlights. As I know universe is generous in lightening new opportunities; I cannot help but wonder, what opportunity it is that is supposedly around the corner?



Whatever you do, #behumblefirst