Highly skilled actress, open and present


"Hello, I’m Pinar Karaaslan.
I'm an actress and I love even just saying that."


Pinar Karaaslan (1985) is a Turkish-Swedish actress. She started her career at the age of twelve by starring in local theatre productions in her hometown of Adana and she subsequently moved to Istanbul where she worked as an actress at Sisli communal theatre as well as the ITU Oyuncuları theatre group. 

The group which later became the foundation of Tiyatro Oyunbaz, was where she started her training as a method actress, studied Meyerhold Technique and Biomechanics and taught at breathing and articulation workshops. 

As a nomad, she decided to build a life in Europe. She met her nordic self after moving to Sweden in her beloved Scandinavia, gained her second citizenship and continued her journey forward in Belgium and The Netherlands. 

She is now an "Amsterdammer", plays roles in Orange Tea Theatre productions, stars in commercials and makes films. As well as being an actress, she also works as a storyteller and international voice-over artist, primarily in animations. Camera acting, remains her favorite passion. She has a filmmaker’s soul; she writes, directs and acts with it.

Terrific actress! Pinar takes directions easily and delivers powerful and rich performances.
— Paul Haggis
 Photo by, Bas Niemans

Photo by, Bas Niemans


Pinar is a versatile, experienced actress whom is highly capable of transforming herself into different characters. She has always been praised as a disciplined and open actress who listens and reacts well while delivering rich and immersive performances.

She has a powerful and expressive, professional instrument which she is able to control wonderfully.
— Michael margotta

She speaks three languages fluently; Swedish, English and Turkish and is conversant in Dutch. She has a talent for accents and she picks up new languages very quickly.

Pinar currently follows Strasberg Technique classes at Mulholland Academy in Amsterdam. Her coach is the award-winning actor Andre Landzaat, who is also a former teacher at the Strasberg Institute in LA and a member of Actor’s Studio.

she is grateful for being able to do what she loves, puts her whole heart into it and appreciates cooperating with makers that are as passionate. 

as she reminds also to herself every morning,


Photos by Bas Niemans, @Photos Are Bullets 


Fields of activity
Acting, Directing

Turkish, Swedish

Turkish, Swedish, 
English, Dutch

Date of Birth
January 2nd 1985

166cm / 5' 5"


Curly, Brown

Eye Color