Rewarding Adventures of a Lazy July

Beginning of this month, I was modelling in Utrecht's botanical gardens. Our team consisted of the brilliant photographer Bas Niemans of Photos Are Bullets and Anjolieke Dertien, the founder of the minimalism and slow fashion magazine, Square1magazine.
Check some of the previews here.
Several sustainable brands were involved, lending us pieces which we matched 5 different outfits with. And we had only 2 and a half hours under the dazzling sun of tropical Netherlands. 

[It may sound like a joke but I seriously mean it. Thanks to Global Warming, no one living in any country in Northern Europe shared sad summer pictures on social media this year. It is now not a sad but scary matter, in my opinion.]

Having such a fun and rewarding photoshoot and managing the time so efficiently was truly a wow! accomplishment. We made quick decisions so everything could work around the circumstances.
A functioning team is a blast!

Fashion world is the second biggest polluter after the oil industry and consumption is a nasty virus which millions become a victim of. Therefore, being the face of a conscious initiative feels wonderful and broadening my network with skillful enthusiasts is prosperous.

Projects must be chosen wisely. Each further step matters as these steps build our paths. And the professionals in each team are a sort of security for a sublime result. They are the main ingredient, in cases..
Autumn will bring new adventures, to be shared with fresh visionary teams. So, at the moment I am busy with a lazy July, to get ready :)


Whatever you do, #behumblefirst