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What Pinar values most in her professional career is to collaborate with people whom she shares the same passion and desire with; acting, filmmaking and storytelling. 

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 Director, John Filipe

Director, John Filipe

The waiting room
short film 

Pinar worked with the passionate crew of Mr. Frank for this very intense, provocative and artistic film that will be Title Sequence during Shortcutz Festival in Amsterdam
"Erika, my character is a very positive person with a giant heart. She can see the inner child in people, hoping to connect with simply anyone and everyone. One can as well think that she is in need of human contact.
The shootings took place during the wild snow storm in Amsterdam. I was THE ONLY person that had biked to the remote place we were filming at. I kept on asking myself if I were more Dutch than the Dutch, finally? 
The crew was filled with focused, passionate professionals whom I loved working with. This January, I will see how the film came to life in the editing room these past weeks. And I am almost sure, the result will shake me from within."

 Director, Basha de Bruijn

Director, Basha de Bruijn


In January 2017, Pinar made a commercial for the Dutch coffee brand Douwe Egberts. Filming was done in the historical Rijksmuseum. It was a cold morning but the fascinating architecture made it all up to the limits.

 Photo credit, Arjen Veldt

Photo credit, Arjen Veldt

The Writer's club
feature film

"Colette van Dijk has been very interesting to discover. With her high sensual and sexual energy, she was a joy to play. However, I cannot say that I liked her.." says Pinar. 
She does not of course judge the characters she is playing; only with their help, grows an understanding for our differences which is exactly why she loves acting, she adds hastily.

 Photo credit, Lillis Hemmingsson

Photo credit, Lillis Hemmingsson

TV program

Skåne, the beautiful southern region in Sweden has been hosting many Swedish TV productions such as Wallander, The Bridge (Bron) and Piraterna (The Pirates).

The series specifically designed and developed for kids has many furious pirates one of which was Pinar. She was always in character on set and so frightening that she was called whenever someone had to set the kids in order.

 Director, Michael Lasoff

Director, Michael Lasoff

FEATUre film

This new neo-noir feature film is written, directed and will be edited by Michael Lasoff. 
Pinar was playing Zoya Nagorski, an exotic Russian expat, in the film for which she learned her lines in Russian.

"I always say I can deliver lines in any language. Just give me the script. This was the case for Zoya. I worked on the lines with Russian friends, recorded their voices and filmed them while they were over-articulating the words so that I could develop a natural, trustworthy accent. 
I am now looking forward to hearing the critics."
says Pinar.

The feature is estimated to be screened in fall. 

 Director, Madja Amin

Director, Madja Amin

Ready to rock anywhere

These boots are made for tapping!
Probably these boots are more famous within the Vodafone world than Pinar herself. After having a long audition round, a very fun day of shooting, a lot of air-drumming, studying the song's rhythm for hours, jumpy dancing through the hall at a school and building some ankle muscles from constant tapping,  she is not even in the shot..
"I am well proud of my boots. Though I do not like them that much!" says Pinar.


byt din säng vart åttonde år - vätska

In December 2016, Pinar made two commercials for the Swedish brand Sängjätten. The productions were made in Lukkien Studios and she was named as a "one-taker" since every scene took one take to make.


autumn leaves
short film

Some people click very well and so, they keep on cooperating with each other for several and different projects. Screenwriter, director and editor, Adel Shochat is one of those people for Pinar.
The film is shot in beautiful Basel in 2016 and it is the third collaboration for the two.

 With actor, Mathias Malmgren. Photo credit, Antonio Acevedo.

With actor, Mathias Malmgren. Photo credit, Antonio Acevedo.

Short film

Director/Writer Csaba Bene Perlenberg wrote the part Deniz, for Pinar; he claimed. Without knowing this would be her first credit on IMDB, she felt lucky and excited for her first short in Sweden.

Stichting ADF

The commercial brings social anxiety under the spotlight and how people with this heavy psychological matter, feel and manage to function in society. 

"I love such productions as they matter a hell lot and I feel that I have a way to contribute to the world with what I do best. What a blast it was to work with such an enthusiastic crew.. Pure joy!" 


Flasche Auf, Ideen Raus

This playful commercial is shot at Allard Studios by Justin Bodenkamp, for the German market. The star of the commercial is Arla Buko's new mouth-watering cream cheese which Pinar decorated her soup with. 
"It became a deal for me to make the perfect heart which I managed at the end. Ouh that sweet pride.. nothing could beat it." 


byt din säng vart åttonde år - kvalster

"Such a funny and professional crew, we had. Loved the process." says Pinar.
After all, it is the process she loves.


print campaign

As people that follow her life closely would know, Pinar also is a designer. She has a wide range of network within the business. This project, she did the modelling for, was designed and produced by former design duo Apocalypse Labotek. The bags are made out of recycled cards of Skånetrafiken, the local southern transportation line in Sweden. They are water-proof, sustainable and eco-friendly which Pinar thinks, is very vital in product design.  

 The Maids, poster

The Maids, poster


After moving to Sweden, Pinar started learning Swedish immediately so that she could continue acting in her new local language. She became a part of newly founded theatre group SUB-Teatern; Skådespel Utan Bröd (Acting without Bread). She then starred in two plays as Marlene in Petra von Kant's Bitter Tears and Claire in Jungfruleken (The Maids).
"I was off-stage for about 5 minutes only during the whole play. While holding the tea tray backstage and waiting for my cue, my third eye popped up and I noticed for the first time that I was actually acting in Swedish and had pages-long monologues." she recalls with pride and joy.


To Do with Voice

Pinar has a silky, clear and enthusiastic voice with which she brings life into the characters.
She is also a true animation lover and therefor, voice-over gigs for animated characters are simply heaven-like for her.
One of her ways for contributing to our world is also by being the voice for several NGOs as well as their valuable causes.

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