Storytelling, by acting, typing or directing; Same Same?

Right storytelling is the key detail for reaching audiences. The specific audience must be targeted wisely while one uses her voice loudly and wildly. If not, whatever you tell and however you choose to tell it seems to get nowhere.

I have been telling stories, graphically first. Communicating them via emotional imagery, shapes and visual elements. Reaching out to the ones that sniff out with their eyes.

Then, I started playing my utmost favorite instrument; my one and only; my talent in acting embodied under curls. My child-like love for the profession has been my fuel all those years until a year ago without me fully nurturing it. Now that I am all in, I even enjoy life differently, fully and it spoils me back. #begrateful

Finally this month, I have entered my third phase of communication stages. Writing; to be more specific, scriptwriting. I have always had a soft spot for words. Even when I were a kid, I wrote poetry, staged them for my parents and dreamed of bigger audiences. #oneday

This June has opened pandora’s box. I am now co-writing a feature film with a passionate director, about a social issue that is severe, intense, abusive and sneaky. Researching in that field is horrifying as I notice in our daily lives, we are all unconscious victims of it.

Once the script is complete, I will also have the honor of adding a backbone to the lead character, a woman that is traumatised with that beast and we will tell the story of her sudden battle for breaking loose. I will update all of you about it, very soon. We are putting together a crowdfunding campaign and building connections at the moment.

The only communication way I have not tasted yet is directing. I must admit, that muscle has started tickling, also..


I love every bit of this profession that is storytelling at its peak. 
And, what makes it so precious is that the told stories touch people and leave an emotional experience behind. 


Whatever you do, #behumblefirst



Photo credits, Demi Koen, for Bufandy