May Conflicts and Discoveries

Being a working actor requires strong will, at every aspect. That focus made me refuse to take on settling life chances this month and brought me to Sardinia to an acting workshop instead. Since I want to learn and grow more, professionally, I keep on looking around for courses to take, techniques to test. 

Here I am on a beautiful Italian island at a Script Analysis course and I am homesick. Period. Neither the beautiful little village I am in nor the wonderful intensity of the course makes it up for me. I cannot help but wonder if this is what growing old is about? Is this my new challenge?

The course started on Monday and I am working on a monologue of The Mistress from the play All Over by E. Albee. Confusing yet very demanding part which is something I particularly like. My teacher is Michael Margotta. I met him at Ischia last year for the first time. He is a very hardworking teacher with a beautiful love for the craft. He had even developed his own technique in analysing text and the steps have an intriguing balance between physicality/body and verbality/text. 

The course is very appealing to both my actor and writer sides. Full of discoveries! Whilst the actor gets a greater sense for the character profoundly, the writer examines the codes in scriptwriting. I have a lot to learn..

Curiosity leads one to places which one has not dreamt of. I wonder if I will land at some point..
My mom already told me to go back home.
I won’t. I am collecting memories.


Whatever you do, #behumblefirst.