Headshots, More Than Pretty Pictures

This year, before getting into the studio for refreshed headshots, I did a lot of research. Maybe more than necessary. I read several blog posts mainly @Backstage, listened to Amy Jo Berman and many more casting directors, photographers, agents.. and finally asked to people around me what kind of roles they could see me act?

The best answer to my question was, the roles I wanted. Period. Wonderfully encouraging to hear. This answer came from a fellow actress and she is definitely terrific in everything she chooses to develop. I admire that!

After all the research, I got into the studio with at least 10 different outfits and my newly bought MAC Studio Make-Up Set (yes, I got that too!). This would be our second collaboration with Bas Niemans and I already knew he has the! eye and I like him as a being. We started around midday and when we were done, we were both satisfied with the process. It is always the process that matters and assures the result, anyways.
He had a satisfied smile on his face and me, I wanted to continue of course :) I love being in front of camera.

Headshots are a lot deeper than pretty pictures. They are frames of stories to be told. Therefore, it is crucial to work with a photographer that can see you, let you create and capture it in the right moment. 

Now, the final selection is done and I have updated my page with my newest headshots. Happy and even more confident, I am as an actress. 

Have a look at them and share your thoughts in the comment field!
Which one do you like most? And why?

Whatever you do, #behumblefirst