Scene Night and Stage Acting

I have followed and completed my third term of Method Acting/Strasberg Technique classes with Andre Landzaat. As I cannot get enough of repeating it, Andre is a wonderful teacher and a very kind and beautiful soul. He kindly directs and helps you with going deeper in your emotional scale while reminding you constantly how you should never forget to put a lid on it.

As I have communicated it on also instagram with this and this feed; I developed the perplexed character of Martha Dobie from The Children's Hour by Lilian Hellman. Martha demanded full attention with her troubled conscious, loving soul and heartbreaking self-hatred. 

Such a challenging role, meaning a true joy to work on. 
I have not been on stage for a year since Borderlands with Orange Theatre Company where I had a tiny role that awoke sort of a craving for being on stage. 

I adore camera acting because I love that medium most. However, stage is different. Stage acting is an interactive meeting with your audience, a more analog interplay, a true handshake.

Martha hurt me, last Sunday. Her strangled self-truth bit my nails. I could not help but share her despair with my audience. We held our breaths for her and cried silently together.

I am glad I have been Andre's pupil for some time now that I could put a lid on her, afterwards. A part of me found her shyness, hot-tempered nature and protective being after an animal exercise, Andre let me try out. 

She will always remain as my first "bear" in my memories. And I will always remember her energy that was hung in the air, compassionately.