2018: High on Pure, Toxic Love

By the end of today, I will be completing my first year of focusing on my acting career. What a year!

Personally, it has been amazing and promising as I gained a lot of new experiences and contacts.
I am deafened by my screaming heart that is full of excitement and exhilarated by the new adventures 2019 will have to offer. 2nd January I will kick off the year with a dubbing job. A heartfelt YAY! for that.

The month of January will unravel two long-awaited audition call-backs for amazing projects I have been crossing my fingers for. They are both European on a wider scope and the roles I have been picked for, are so perplexed, many-layered and terrifyingly vital that I get shivers on my back, out of enthusiasm.

An actor should keep on producing as the love is just so pure and enormous that it gets toxic/not healthy. Thus, dear Universe let my belly get its butterflies, will you?

Globally, 2018 has been revolutionary for female professionals at many ends, although the cause of its wave was a horrendous man-act.
However, every cloud has a silver lining, right? And I know and feel that this whole new awakening will realize the #timesup and that we will build a better culture all together.

For the coming year, I wish us all the joy and luck for fulfilling the ambitions that touch our hearts, gratefulness for life and respect for nature that keeps the great Mother in balance.


Welcome the new year, wisely, please. The sky is beautiful also without the fireworks..

Whatever you do, #behumblefirst

Photo credit, Bas Niemans