The Unexpected Moves

January has been filled with a series of unexpected moves, since the New Year’s celebrations.

When the traditional countdown ended and we started sipping bubbles, I climbed on a rooftop following my beloved. We wanted to have a 360view of the fireworks, you see.

I already had a giant bruise on my right lower leg which needed a gracious wound as an addition right on top of it. My first ever resolution of the year.. It hurt but was worth it; for about ten minutes.

Throughout the years, I mastered some foreign languages and created my own almost-native accent in some other; and this year I want parts also in Turkish. I might be too stubborn in my idea of nativeness.
However, my body language needs it. She wants to communicate all those emotional explosions via her native relations to them. It is basically time for some hardcore melodrama in my natural tongue. So, as a second move, I started shooting monologues.

Only after, I noticed that I was discriminating the rest of the languages I work so hard to sound damn good at. My nature is against discrimination in any field. For, discrimination is stupid, unfair, wrong and self-centered.

So, the production line went on and HERE are my monologues in so far three languages. You will be surprised how different I sound in each language. As if I get into another skin. Ecstatic, that is!

Watch them! Share your comments with me. Be brutal and blunt. Let me know if I move you with a line or two. Witness my vulnerability. And finally, care of my efforts, because I work very hard and because we co-exist mutually.

Looking forward to receiving your comments.

Whatever you do, #behumblefirst