New Set Of Tools As A Camera Actor!

Last weekend, I attended to the ReFocus Method Workshop held by Tony Grahn. As he puts it; his method is not about learning new techniques. It is about developing the trust and courage to stay in the moment, or get back to it when lost; authentically.

As an actress, I normally have no problem with my focus and I am well aware of the importance of concentrating on my co-actor so the connection between us can be built and we both can deliver truth.

Well, I could not deliver anything during the first half of the second day of our two-day intensive workshop. I got so tensed up that confusion rose all over me. Or no, the other way around. I was so confused that I could not relax. Tony reformulated the craft which startled me and I froze.

However, Tony did not let me off the hook easily. He is so professional, generous and patient that he helped me through it. My actor brain started questioning intellectually but chose eventually to follow the instructions obediently to see the impact in real time. I could then set loose and simply re-focus. What a wonderful feeling it was that my fellow actors were moved by my performance. 

We were six participants. We filled the space and shared the intensity of the work with our vulnerabilities, openness and support. Such a blast to be able to learn from strangers so thoroughly just because you share the same obsession/passion that is called "acting".

In my opinion, confusion and challenges are very vital for development processes. 
I feel that his method and Tony challenged different muscles of my actor-self both technically and mentally that as a camera-actor, I have a lot more to play with in my toolbox now.


Whatever you do, #behumblefirst