The Method is calling back!

This is the third semester that I am attending to Strasberg Technique classes at Mulholland Academy in Amsterdam. I am excited. Each term, I have met with inspiring actors, vulnerable but strong souls and passionate people. I wonder who else will be in class this time, what kind of luggages of stories and emotions they will bring along to share with us?

The classes are held at Lab111, a former pathological and anatomical laboratory, a recent culture centre. Check how the mighty have fallen.. Just perfectly, if you ask me.

Until my training in The Method, I have not studied acting anywhere. I certainly had no traditional training where many in Europe would find unfortunate. Me, not. No doubt, how precious right education is. I think it is vital to know your ground before you start building on it.
However, I also greatly value life experiences for an actor. Without those, no actor can get close to portraying real characters that move the audience. Let's say I focused on collecting such experiences and now I am filling the gaps in my training with The Method.

There are several techniques when it comes to acting and battles in between them, one putting down the other. In my opinion, whatever technique works for an actor, she must simply stick to it. Although The Method is sadly not a beloved in the industry, it is quite right for me.

On Saturday it is. Cannot wait.


Whatever you do, #behumblefirst