Commercial Shooting is, Auditioning for It is not, fun!

Mid-September, I shot a commercial for the Danish-Swedish brand Arla. To be more specific, it was for Arla Buko, a very tasty cream cheese. The commercial will be aired in Germany. Well, at least for now. It will soon appear in the ACTING | VOICE tab, for sure ;)
I have a lot of relatives in Germany and it will be interesting to see their reactions. 
Since I live in Europe and my close family in Turkey, they usually happen not to see me on TV or watch my films on widescreen. Thus, I could not yet count on their feedback.
Hopefully that day will come as well..

I LOVE camera acting, because I love movies.
I also really enjoy acting in commercials. Everything is in haste as if you are in an ant colony, things get arranged quickly and all that work and energy is only for some seconds at the end. Such rhythm and pressure calls for creativity, usually.
This is the fun part.

Auditioning for commercials though, is not fun or easy. Actors are asked to exaggerate their emotions and reactions for the tape. Everything becomes surreal and at the end, when you are not booked, you are like "Was my smile not big enough?" or "Was my excitement too modest?"

I would never know.
However, once booked, phew! The joy begins :)

Whatever you do, #behumblefirst